Apollo and his friends find a rare dragon egg. It hatches this special dragonet named Blaze. Scar, AKA Liram, is forced to retrieve this special dragonet so his mother can go free, who we later find out is being held captive by humans who also killed his entire tribe at Arkston when he was young. Scar is a bit cocky and unprepared for a fight so Apollo and the dragons get the best of him, but Scar vows to return. Apollo then begins to be haunted by nightmares of this event happening by an ancient dragon named DreamCatcher.

Then you get into the story of the other main characters. Shadow is in love with Margo. He’s never had the guts to tell her. Both have been held captive by a different set of humans since birth. After a long life of giving blood and performing in a circus, they escape to the Coral Woods. They have a run in with a dangerous Forest Wolf named Leafstorm who almost kills Margo but Shadow fights him off. Shadow and Margo end up meeting up with Apollo’s crew, but Leafstorm hunts Shadow down and almost kills him before Apollo bursts in and saves the day killing Leafstorm.

At the end of book 1, Charlie, a guy that worked at the same place that Margo and Shadow were held captive, sends a massive dragon that he was nursing back to health named Drax on a mission to kill them. The book ends with hello Shadow; my name is Drax and I am here to kill you.

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