Two dragons of Morana… One, an Ice Dragon born with free will, while the other, a Ghost Dragon held captive his whole life.

The wise Apollo and his friends stumble upon a hidden dragon egg that houses a dragonet with rare powers which turns their simple life into an adventure. Along the way they cross paths with a mysterious dragon, elves, wolves, and other exciting creatures, all while realizing they all have an important role to play in keeping the newborn dragonet safe.

The brave Shadow, along with his only companion, the love of his life are held prisoners at a human facility. The pair, jailed since birth, are searching for a way out of their lives as blood banks and human entertainers all while outside the prison, the dangers of the Coral Woods lurk.

Come along for an epic fantasy tale about the friendship, love, and family-like bonds between dragons.

Legends of Morana: Drax’s Return

Having escaped the human base and persevered through the dangers of the Coral Woods, Shadow thought he was finally free. But as he is about to find out, a new obstacle stands in his way. Drax has returned, and the ancient dragon is on a mysterious quest to kill him and Margo. Deadlier than ever, Drax towers over Morana, threatening to destroy all who oppose him.

Shadow, Margo, and Apollo’s crew will need all the help they can get, including from up North, where in the Frozen Plains of Zania, a young Ice Wolf named Crystal promises not to let Zania fall. The dragons must defend Morana all while the Scarred Dragon lurks, determined to fulfill his vow and save the only thing he has left — his mother.

Will Apollo and his friends defeat Drax? Will their world be saved? Or will Morana burn under the flames of this massive red dragon?

Follow this next adventure through Morana, where different homeworlds are explored, strange and exotic creatures introduced, along with some new dragons joining in on the journey.